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This online G-code generator is used to create G-code (CNC program) for milling triangular pockets using CNC mill.

To create the CNC program for milling triangular pockets, you must enter the value of the side of the triangle , the value of the width of cut ( stepover ). tool diameter, total depth of cutting, depth of cutting per pass, feed rate, safe Z above surface.

Width of cut ( stepover ) is assigned as a percentage of the tool diameter.

When using the metric system of measurements, all data entered must be in metric units (mm, mm/min), when using the imperial system of measurements (inches), all data entered must be in inches (in, in/min).

The program makes calculations in absolute units.

Online G-code generator for milling a triangular pockets.


Side a:       
Tool diameter:  
s (% Stepover (A percentage of the tool diameter) :
Total depth of cutting:   Depth of cutting per pass:
Feed Rate (X,Y G00):   Feed Rate (X,Y G01):
Feed Rate (Z G00):   Feed Rate (Z G01):
Xc Coordinate: Yc Coordinate:
Zc Coordinate:
Safe Z above surface:  


 You can copy CNC program to the clipboard and save as file (*.txt , *.nc , *.cnc , *.tap , *.iso,  etc).

Off-line version of this G-code generator you can find here .

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