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Intuwiz Directory Printer is a Windows based application designed to print a list of directories, sudirectories and files or save them to a file.

Information fields include file name, file type, file extension, file size, creation time and date, last access date, last write time and date and file attributes. You can choose which fields to print or save to a file.

Intuwiz Directory Printer allows you to sort the list of directories, sudirectories and files by any information fields (file or folder name, file extension, file or folder size, date created, date last modified, date of last access or attributes) in ascending or descending order.

File and folder listings can be saved as text file or as file ready for import into main spreadsheet or database programs.

Intuwiz Directory Printer

Program can save a list of directories, sudirectories and files as text, CSV ( comma-separated values ) or RTF files.

Intuwiz Directory Printer can calculate and print total number and size of files and folders. Print preview for directory listings is available.

Intuwiz Directory Printer is compatible with the majority of Windows Operating Systems.


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