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When the M30 command is executed, the spindle is stopped, the feed is stopped and the cooling system of the tool of the CNC machine tool is turned off. stop is made at the end of working out the corresponding frame during which no information loss

The CNC system returns to its initial state and (or) the executive organs of the machine are set to their initial position.

The initial state of the CNC system provides for a return to the "Start of program" symbol, i.e. provides rewind the CNC program.

Example of using CNC command M30 in an CNC program.

O0111 (M30 example)    (Program number (O0111) and Program name (M30 example)
G00 Z0.15                             (Safe Z)
G00 X29 Y11                       (go to X,Y coordinates of the hole center)
S400 M03                           (Spindle clockwise (CW), n=400)
G84 X29 Y11 Z-3 R1.5 F15       (Z-final depth of tap before retract)
G00 Z0.15                              (Safe Z)
M30                                     (Stop CNC program execution)
G00 X0 Y0                            (go to machine Zero)
M30                                    (CNC Program End)


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