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CNC program instruction M00 - Program stop.


A stop is made at the end of working out the corresponding frame during which no information loss occurs.

At the end of the execution of the command M00, the CNC system stops the rotation of the spindle, feed, cooling and further CNC program execution.

Command M00 makes CNC program to stop (halt), but CNC command M00 doesn’t reset the CNC program execution.

The operation of the CNC program resumes after the operator presses the corresponding button on the control panel CNC system.

Example of using CNC command M00 (G-code) in an CNC program.

O0011 (M00 example)    (Program number (O0011) and Program name (M00 example)
G00 Z0.75                             (Safe Z)
G00 X12 Y47                       (go to X,Y coordinates of the hole center)
S500 M03                           (n=500, Spindle clockwise )
G84 X12 Y47 Z-35 R2 F35       (Z-final depth of tap before retract)
G00 Z0.75                              (Safe Z)
M00                                     (Stop CNC program execution)
G00 X0 Y0                            (go to machine Zero)
M30                                    (End)


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