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G85 Boring Cycle can use for boring and reaming operations.

This cycle (G85) is used to improve the surface quality of the hole, its dimensional tolerances and / or its geometric parameters (roundness, concentricity, etc.).

G85 X... Y... Z... R... F... K...

 X X coordinate of the hole center.
  Y Y coordinate of the hole center.
  Z Depth (from R-plane to Z-depth).
  R R plane position.
  F Feedrate.
  K Number of boring cycles (if more than one pass is required).


How G85 Boring Cycle works.

G85 Boring Cycle

1 - Rapid positioning to X,Y coordinates of the hole center.
2 - Rapid positioning to R plane.
3 - Boring operation (Z-depth).
4 - Tool is retracted with the specified feed..
5 - Tool is moved to initial-level (G98).

G98 and G99 modes.

G98 - Tool will go to the initial level.
G99 - Tool will go to R plane.

Example of using G85 in an CNC program (G-code).

O0001 (G85 example)    (Program number (O0161) and Program name (G85 example)
G00 Z0.15                             (Safe Z)
G00 X48 Y53                       (go to X,Y coordinates of the hole center)
S1200 M03                           (Spindle CW, n=1200)
G85 X48 Y56 Z-14 R5 F1.75       (Z-final depth of tool before retract)
G00 Z0.15                              (Safe Z)
G00 X0 Y0                            (go to machine Zero)
M30                                    (End)


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