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G82 Counter Boring Cycle (Drilling Cycle with dwell) can create holes.

G82 X... Y... Z... R... P... F... K...

 X X coordinate of the hole.
  Y Y coordinate of the hole.
  Z Drilling depth (from R-plane to Z-depth).
  R R plane position.
  P Dwell time.
  F Feedrate.
  K Number of drilling cycles (if more than one cycle is required).


How G82 Counter Boring Cycle (Drilling Cycle with dwell) works.

G82 - Counter Boring Cycle (Drilling Cycle with dwell)

1 - Fast positioning to X,Y coordinates of the hole.
2 - Fast positioning to R plane.
3 - Drilling process (Z-depth).
4 - Dwell.
5 - Drill is retracted with the specified feed to R plane or initial level.

G98 and G99 modes.

Command G98 - Drill will return to the initial level.
Command G99 - Drill will return to R plane.

Example of using G82 in an CNC program.

O0001 (G82 example)    (Program number (O0001) and Program name (G82 example)
G00 Z0.5                             (Safe Z)
G00 X42 Y69                       (go to X,Y coordinates of the hole)
G82 X42 Y69 Z-5.5 R2 F40       (Z-final depth of drill)
G00 Z0.5                              (Safe Z)
G00 X0 Y0                            (go to machine Zero)
M30                                    (End)

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