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CNC G Codes and CNC M-codes are instructions to the varius CNC machine tools (CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, CNC Routers etc).

These are the common G-codes and M-codes for machining. 

 G-codes (Preparatory Functions)

 G00 Rapid positioning.Move in a straight line at rapids speed.
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 G01 Linear interpolation.Move in a straight line at last speed commanded by a feedrate.
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 G02 Clockwise circular interpolation.
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 G03 Counter-clockwise circular interpolation.
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 G04 Dwell.Stop for a specified period (may be X, U, or P).
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 G17 Set XY plane.
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 G18 Set XZ plane.
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 G19 Set YZ plane.
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 G20 Inch units.Programming in inches (in).
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 G21 Metric unitsProgramming in millimeters (mm).
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 G28 Home all axes.Return to home position (go to CNC machine zero).
 G30 Home all axes(secondary).Return to secondary home position (go to CNC machine zero (secondary)).
 G31 Probe move.
 G33 Single pass threading.
 G40 Tool radius compensation off.
 G41 Tool radius compensation left.
 G42 Tool radius compensation right.
 G43 Tool height offset compensation negative.
 G44 Tool height offset compensation positive.
 G49 Cancel tool offset.Cancels tool offset set by G43 or G44.
 G53 Machine coordinate system.Move in Machine Coordinates.
 G54-G59 Work Coordinate Systems.
 G80 Cancel canned cycle (Motion mode cancel ).
 G81 Drill cycle.
 G82 Drill cycle with dwell.
 G83 Drill cycle with peck (full retraction from pecks).
 G90 Absolute coordinate (Absolute CNC programming).
 G91 Incremental coordinate (Incremental CNC programming).
 G94 (G94 F) Feedrate per minute (Inches/millimeters per minute).
 G95 (G95 F) Feedrate per revolution (Inches/millimeters per revolution).
 G97 (G97 S) Set spindle rev/min (rpm).



 M-codes (Miscellaneous Functions)

 M00 Automatic stop (CNC program end ).
  M01 Optional stop (Sleep).
  M02 End of CNC program.
  M03 Spindle on clockwise.
  M04 Spindle on counterclockwise.
  M05 Spindle off.
  M06 Tool change.
  M07 Coolant A on (mist).
  M08 Coolant B on (flood).
  M09 All coolant off.
  M10 Pallet clamp (Vacuum) on.
  M11 Pallet clamp (Vacuum) off.
  M30 End of tape (End of CNC program, with return to CNC program top).


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5. Offline Windows program - Intuwiz G-code Generator.




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